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Wire EDM

9 Axis Okuma MacTurn 350 (2009) Multi-Tasking Machine

Multi Task Machining

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Our CNC machining centers provide high accuracy for those complex parts that cannot be turned.  Santos offers both horizontal and vertical milling capabilities with our advanced CNC milling services employed for a wide variety of applications. These machines are designed to maximize thermal stability, minimize cumulative errors (tolerance stackup), resulting in the very best dynamic accuracy. 5-axis machining is achieved with a single setup which dramatically

reduces the required number of passes across a surface, saving time and money. Parts with complex topology can be fabricated from solid that would otherwise need to be cast. We have an extensive range of Computer Controlled turning equipment suitable for machined parts from .125" diameter to 24" diameter. Many of these machines are also equipped with a live 3rd axis capability which allows the machine to add milling or cross-drilling features to the turned parts within the same operation cycle. This reduces the need for secondary machining operations and thereby the accumulative cost of the part.


Download Detailed Manufacturing Equipment List with Machine Travel and Sizes

Our equipment—all housed within our 15,000 sq ft facility—includes:


•   9 Axis Okuma MacTurn 350 (2009) Multi-Tasking Machine. This machine reduces tooling cost and cycle time by multi-tasking on both spindles simultaneously. It also reduces lead times and improves quality by finishing in a single operation. It has milling capability on its lower and upper turrets, which can further reduce cycle times.


•  5-Axis Makino Machining Centers. These machining centers are perfect for machined parts ranging from small to large. With 50-taper rigidity, they are equipped with automatic pallet systems to provide excellent flexibility for different part and run sizes.


• 4-Axis Mori Seki Horizontal Machining Centers. These machines embody the very latest technology in machining. They feature 120 tools with through-spindle cooling. Cells are equipped with 6- and 12-pallet automatic shuttle systems and a fourth axis. These machining centers are perfect for complex hog-out work in aluminum, steel and titanium.


•  Wire EDM Equipment. Is used to support our machine shop in completing some of the most complex part made.


•  CAD/CAM GibbsCAM. Sate-of-the art software, PC-based CAM system for CNC programming machine tools. GibbsCAM software provides a powerful interface able to import Solid Models in stp, igs and sdsup, also interfacing with Unigrafics and Catia. Capable of making tool paths for 2-5 Axis Milling, High Speed Machining, Mill/Turn, Swiss, Wire-EDM, Multi-Task Machining, and more. Files can be uploaded to our secure server by our customers.


•  ERP E2 Shop Control software System.  Controls all aspects of our production starting from estimating, quoting, order entry, scheduling with time tracking, purchasing, quality, shipping. This software has helped our management to better understand our workload and be able to perform on our on-time delivery by better planning production. This allows us to better manage all facets of our operation. Our ERP system lets us track production, quality, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution and more.


• CMM - Zeiss MC 850.  Virtual DMIS software, with Renishaw Probe System. A fully programmable Coordinate Measurement Machine that can inspect and record measurements directly from a machined part to a CAD model. This machine has automatic probe change capabilities and records inspections to data base for record retention.


• Supply Chain Management. We work hard to find and partner with suppliers who share our commitment to the development of our customers products.


• Vendors. From time to time, we encounter a job that requires equipment or processes beyond our in-house capabilities. To accommodate such jobs in a way consistent with our “DE-AGGRAVATION” philosophy—that is, to be able to provide complete components, delivered on time and to the customer’s specs—we have assembled a list of over 100 vendors in Southern California. Using vendors that have proven themselves on performance and reliability based on our vendor rating system and that can perform Cause and Corrective Actions. We use them to “fill in for us” on the rare occasions when a job demands certain capabilities that we do not have in-house. By working with these vendors, we insulate our customers from unnecessary risks, headaches and procurement complications.

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